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9 April 2021

How we operate with Covid protocols

Almost everyone is now familiar with the COVID pandemic which began in late 2019 (early 2020) when the COVID-19 (wild strain) virus was identified in Wuhan China.  Since that time the virus has spread to almost all parts of the globe and cause widespread illness. Over the intervening period the virus has also mutated making it more contagious. The latest mutation of the virus is called Omicron. 

The virus spreads from person to person in many ways primarily via small liquid droplet particles which pass between infected and non-infected people when they cough, sneeze, speak, sing, laugh or breathe. Spread is more likely in poorly ventilated or crowded indoor settings where droplets / aerosols can remain suspended in the air or possibly travel further.  Finally, when droplets fall onto surfaces the virus can remain alive for many hours so can be transferred to a non-infected person when they touch an infected surface. 

As a front-line patient facing clinical facility our staff at the Specialist Medical Clinic are tested multiple times per week to ensure they are not infected with the latest strains of COVID-19.  Staff who test positive on lateral flow tests (LFT) are isolated as per Public Health Gibraltar guidelines   Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 – Public Health Gibraltar (

Within the clinic our staff will wear face masks to protect you, our patients, from contracting the virus.  We request that when attending the clinic, you comply with our protocols which are designed to protect our staff from contracting the disease. This also minimises the risk of us contaminating our patients.

To help minimize the risk of you infecting our team or other members of the public attending the clinic we request that:

  • You do not attend the clinic if you have symptoms compatible with active COVID-19, instead please attend the Covid-19 drive through facility and have a free lateral flow test performed before attending for your appointment. 
  • You tell our team if you think you may have been in contact with the Covid-19 virus in the 24 hours before your consultation. 
  • You always wear a mask whilst in the clinic waiting to be seen by your doctor or specialist. 
  • Let the reception team know if you wish to wait on the chairs we have placed outside the clinic, so that they can advise the doctor where to find you.”
  • You show respect to all our staff and clinicians as we all endeavor to provide you with a premium patient experience during what are very difficult times. 

During your consultation your clinician 

  • May request that you remove your mask to facilitate treatment or examination.  
  • May remove their mask (with your permission) when speaking; particularly when consulting with people hard of hearing who rely on lip-reading to communicate. 

At the Specialist Medical Clinic our management team remain updated on changes in Public Health Gibraltar’s policy as and when they happen.  Patient safety and the wellbeing of our staff always remain our priority.

Thank you for your understanding and support.