Osteopathy is a philosophy and  alternative medical practice which uses  a therapeutic system to treat disease by manipulation and massage.

The practice emphasises the relationship between structure and function of the body and recognises the body’s ability to heal itself; it is the role of the osteopath to facilitate that process, principally by the skilled practice of manual and manipulative therapy

The practice of osteopathy began in the United States in 1874 . The term “osteopathy” was coined by Andrew Taylor Still, MD, DO.  a physician and surgeon.  He was also a Kansas state territorial legislator, a free state leader, and one of the founders of Baker University.

Osteopathy is not just a form of manipulation and clicking bones “back into place” but rather looks after the workings of the body as a single complex organism, rather than as a collection of components by taking into the patient’s lifestyle, attitudes, and overall wellbeing (health).

Our osteopath Pricilla Chellaram aims to treat the cause rather than the effects of the problem, thereby  improving the function of the body and reducing pain.

Our osteopath specialist treats  muscular, joint and postural disorders, plus conditions such as headaches, migraines, period pains as well as expectant mothers and some infant and childhood disorders.

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The Rule of the Artery is Supreme- Dr Andrew Taylor Still "When blood and lymphatics flow freely, the tissues can perform their physiologic functions without impedance. With the occurrence of trauma (physical or emotional), the tissues contract, twist and compress. The fluid flow becomes obstructed.""

Priscilla I Chellaram Hathiramani BSc(Ost)


Areas of expertise

Back and neck pain Whiplash injuries Viceral Techniques Musculoskeletal problems related to pregnancy and children and babies NLP and EFT techniques to help people with anxiety, stress and depression

Education and professional training

British School Of Osteopathy (now University College of Osteopathy)- 1993 NLP Practitioner- Temple Of Success - Kathryn Temple 2019 EFT Level 1 and 2- Temple of Success - Kathryn Temple 2021

Professional Qualifications, Associations & Accomplishments

BSc(Ost) NLP Practitioner

Professional experience

Worked for nearly 30 years as an Osteopath treating a variety of musculoskeletal and visceral conditions taking into account peoples lifestyles and used a holistic approach to treat them. I use dry needling and other forms of electrotherapy to treat these conditions. I have now branched out into NLP and EFT techniques as I believe mental health issues are on the up. I believe the person is mind, body, spirit.

Languages spoken

English and Spanish Fluent Hindi and Sindhi


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