General internal medicine is the medical speciality dealing with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of internal diseases.
  • General internal medicine physicians are specialist physicians trained to manage particularly complex or multisystem diseases that single organ disease specialists may not be trained to do.  They are often asked to diagnose and manage conditions such as breathlessness, fatigue, weight loss, chest pain or confusion that cannot be easily fitted in the expertise of a single organ speciality.  They also manage multiple acute and chronic diseases that a patient may have.  Most of their training is in a hospital environment, where the sicker patients will be, but they also work in outpatient clinics and may provide ambulatory care of acute conditions that would otherwise be admitted to hospital.  They may also have a special interest in a particular condition.

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Dr Isabella Bassill MA(Oxon) MBChB FRCP

General Internal Physician

Areas of expertise

Extensive experience in all areas of general medicine including the diagnosis and management of hypertension, asthma, COPD, heart disease, diabetes, infections and blood clots. Special interest in complex patients with multiple medical problems and in the diagnosis of unexplained breathlessness, chest pains and fatigue. Previously ran the GHA long COVID clinic.

Education and professional training

University Of Birmingham. University of Oxford.

Professional Qualifications, Associations & Accomplishments

On the GMC specialist register as a Consultant in Acute and General Internal Medicine. Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians (London). Member of the Society for Acute Medicine and the European Respiratory Society.

Professional experience

Dr Bassill completed her post graduate training in West and East Midlands. This included higher specialist training posts in Intensive Care, Respiratory, Cardiology, Endocrinology, Geriatrics, Accident and Emergency and Stroke Medicine. After qualifying as a Consultant in Acute and General Internal Medicine, she took a Consultant Physician post at the Royal Derby Hospital in 2015. In 2020 she moved to Gibraltar and worked as a General Physician at St. Bernard's Hospital for 18 months before joining the Specialist Medical Clinic.

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Before studying Medicine I completed a Masters degree in English Language and Literature at the University of Oxford. Reading is my main leisure activity.