The word “Cancer”  promotes fear among everyone! Most people have been touched by the disease in some way or other either via personal experience or through a relative or friend.

Modern medical advances mean that today, early diagnosis and treatment can result in successful curative treatment of many cancers. In order to achieve this early screening programmes are being widely promoted worldwide in order to identify many different diseases early.   Cancer is no different and can often be beaten if it is identified and treatment started at an early stage.

At the Specialist Medical Clinic, we offer a range of cancer screening tests for men and women. Carried out at appropriate and recommended time intervals, these tests can save lives.

  • For ladies we recommend – 
    • Annual Breast Screening (depending on age and family history) 
    • Annual Cervical screening (smear tests) 
    • Regular Bowel Cancer screening (depending on age and family history) 
    • Lung cancer screening (depending on age, family history and social habits 
  • For men we recommend
    • Annual Prostate Cancer screening (depending on Family history and age) 
    • Bowel Cancer Screening (Depending on family history and age)
    • Lung cancer screening (depending of age, family history and social habits) 

For more information on cancer screening, or to make an appointment, please contact the clinic.

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