The current economic uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit has seen a significant increase in the number of medical consultations, by both men and women, of all ages.  
Many patients , have noticed stress-related exacerbation of existing conditions such as asthma, chest tightness, migraine, diabetes, hypertension, oesophageal spasm, irritable bowel syndrome, and heart disease. Whilst many symptoms may ultimately have simple explanations, self-diagnosis is not advisable, and serious problems may arise if individuals ignore symptoms and do not seek professional help.

External appearance is no guarantee that all is well inside one’s body.  The best way to gauge and understand inner health is by way of a comprehensive health check, which should include the option (if indicated) of state-of-the-art imaging. Recent figures from the UK and US indicate that increasing numbers of people are now volunteering for “Well Person” checks to ensure their fitness and wellbeing.

At SMC our team of experienced male and female GP’s offer a number of comprehensive health check packages which range from basic cardiac & lifestyle assessments to full well- man and well- woman plus packages. At the Specialist Medical Clinic, we provide  the time, attention, expertise and advice you need so that you can take proactive steps and take control of your personal health and wellbeing.

Following each assessment we provide you with a detailed written report which explains the results of your laboratory  tests, ECG (Heart tracing), respiratory tests and clinical examination. As part of our service, each client is given the opportunity to discuss thoroughly any issues raised by the check-up with their practitioner.  Additionally if required, we can provide any follow-up consultations with our team of  specialist clinicians within the in the clinic or via one of our associated healthcare providers in Spain or the UK.

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