A service dedicated especially for men.

At the Specialist medical Clinic we understand that unlike women, men don’t always like to talk about their health issues which is often regarded as very personal and can be sometimes embarrassing and debilitating for some patients.  We offer complete discretion and a sympathetic approach to all our patients.

These days we We all lead busy lives which and often this takes a toll on our wellbeing and general health.  

It is therefore important for men (and women) to ensure that their bodies are working efficiently.  

Our Well- Being packages are therefore specifically designed with this in mind and to suit every pocket.

By attending for one of our “Well Man” packages, you will initially be asked to complete one of our lifestyle questionnaires after which you will be seen by one of our clinical specialists or specialist nurses, who will perform a clinical examination and organize for you to have a series of laboratory based checks. 

Once the examination is completed, you will receive a full written report which will summarise your consultation and highlight any significant findings and record any relevant clinical recommendations that our specialists feel are necessary based on your results.

At the Specialist medical Clinic we offer the following lifestyle packages 

  • Well Man Screening (including of exercise ECG if required)
  • Full Well Man Health Assessment (including exercise ECG if required)
  • Stroke screening
  • Cancer screening (Bowel, Prostate, Lung) 
  • Aneurysm screening

If you are concerned about any symptoms, or changes in your body or are worried in anyway about your health, contact the clinic in confidence to arrange an appointment.

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