Cleopatra is probably the most famous early exponent of chemical peels – she liked to bathe in asses’ milk (lactic acid), the Roman’s too liked to use fruit acids (tartaric acid) to peel their skin. We use glycolic acid (a sugar derivative).

What is the purpose of a peel?

  • to freshen the skin
  • to remove scaly patches
  • to reduce the appearance of sunspots, and irregular pigmentation
  • to reduce fine wrinkles

In this clinic we offer superficial chemical peels (AHA’s) which work only on the stratum corneum.

A 2 week preparation of the skin is usually advised in order to get the best out of your peel. A course of peels is usually recommended, depending on the results you wish to achieve.

How will I look immediately after the peel?

The peel will leave your skin feeling extremely clean, smooth and hydrated.

Some people are slightly pink afterwards, and sometimes the skin may feel itchy. Most people return to their normal activities immediately, but sun exposure should be avoided. Makeup is best avoided for the rest of the day. Written after care advice and post peel creams are provided.


Peels are a popular and affordable cosmetic procedure and are suitable for many skin conditions.

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