It is important not to ignore lumps and bumps, but to see a doctor who can clarify exactly what they are, and whether or not they require treatment.

In medical terms they are normally referred to as tumour;, these can be either benign or malignant.

Some examples of benign lumps include:

  • Cysts: fluid-filled lumps. The common sebaceous cyst is one example.
  • Nodules: formed in inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, sarcoid and polyarteritis.
  • Lipomas: lumps of fat cells
  • Fibromas and fibroademonas: lumps of fibrous or fibrous and glandular tissue.
  • Haematomas: lumps formed by blood escaping into the tissues – simply a large bruise.
  • Haemangiomas: lumps formed by extra growth of blood vessels.
  • Papilloma: formed from skin or internal membrane cells, for example wart.

If you discover a lump on your body, it is advisable to have it checked by a professional, it is not always possible to know whether a lump is malignant until further tests are carried out.

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Mr. David Deardon BM MD FRCS FRCS(Ed)

Chief Executive / General Surgeon & Endoscopist

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UK Trained Consultant General and Transplant Surgeon, now providing day case General Surgery and Surgical Gastroenterology to SMC

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Trained at Southampton Medical School (BM) 1984. Became a Fellow of both the Royal College of Surgeons of England (FRCS) and the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (FRCS Ed) in 1989. Completed EU Surgical Training in 1990 and UK Surgical Training in 1996. Completed my Doctorate at Manchester University in 1999

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Over 20 published scientific papers in peer reviewed journals Presented and co-authored a number of scientific presentations at international congresses in Japan, Europe, India, USA and the UK. Accredited as a specialist in General Surgery in 1997 and joined the GMC’s specialist register.

Professional experience

Held consultant posts in Plymouth (Senior Lecturer /Associate Professor), Guys and St Thomas’s Hospitals London, Oxford Radcliffe (Honorary Tutor to Green College and involved in the initial development of the highly successful Oxford Pancreas and Non-heart beating kidney transplant programmes), the Western Infirmary, Glasgow (reintroduced the

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