We look forward to welcoming you to Specialist Medical Clinic. Here is a complete list of the medical professionals available to see patients at the clinic from the 12th April to 16th April.

Face to face consultations:

Name Speciality
Dr Benjamin Lopez Neurosurgeon
Mr James Allan Urologist
Dr April Nilsen- Nunn GP
Dr Patrick Nerney GP
Dr Monique Risso GP
Dr George Simon GP
Dr Thomas Boerger Orthopaedic Surgeon (hip and knee)
Dr George Chami Orthopaedic Surgeon (foot and ankle)
Dr Marius Negru Shoulder, arm, hand
Dr Ramin Pakzad Gynaecologist
Joyce Evans Physiotherapist
Rebecca Ramirez Physiotherapist
Chris Shaw Physiotherapist
Kayron Pozo Podiatrist
Dr Karen Surridge Clinical Psychologist
Julie Parker Diabetes Specialist Nurse
Laura Soiza Nurse Nutritionist
Geraldine Canepa Stress Counsellor
Priscilla Chellaram Osteopath

Remote consultations (when appropriate):

All above GPs

Name Speciality
Dr Waji Hassan Rheumatologist
Mr Barry Monk Dermatologist