We are able to offer direct settlement arrangements with most major insurance companies. Where a commercial agreement is in place, and we have been provided with all the required information from the patient, we will be able to submit invoices for consultations and investigation fees directly to your insurance company. Please let us know if you would like us to directly bill your insurance company when you make your appointment.

You will need to bring your insurance company membership card with you as this holds data we need in order to process your claim swiftly and accurately. Each company’s procedures differ, which needs to be accompanied by independent photo ID. Without these we are unable to direct bill your insurance company.

On arrival at the clinic you will be asked to complete an insurance form for each consultation or investigation that you have. Many insurance companies require you to contact them first for pre-authorisation. In such cases, please bring your pre-authorisation number with you or ensure that we have received the relevant confirmation by email prior to your consultation.

Please check your insurance policy for information regarding treatment coverage. Most policies have limits or restrictions for certain types of treatments, and some have areas/ conditions where no cover is provided. Depending on your insurance company, there are also some types of appointment for which we are not permitted to bill directly. If you are at all unsure please call your insurance company to ensure that coverage is in place as this will prevent delays whilst you are at the clinic.

If your treatment is not fully covered by your insurance policy you will be liable for payment.