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Demelza Wall

Behaviour Specialist

As a Behavior Specialist, I work with young people 0-18 that are experiencing emotional and behavioral issues.  My main objective is to discover the needs behind the behaviours and then develop strategies to support them.

I am a licensed Thrive Practitioner based on Theraplay® principles. Thrive is greatly endorsed in all my work. Thrive is a dynamic, developmental and trauma-sensitive approach to meeting the emotional and social needs of children. This is achieved through practices such as Play Therapy underpinned by the latest neuroscience. Theraplay is a dynamic child and family therapy, involving an intervention that focuses on enhancing the connection, trust and joy between a child and a parent.

I provide support to children struggling with a range of conditions including: trauma, attachment, anxiety, ADHD, ADD, autism, general mental health and well being, PDA, selective mutism, ODD, school refusal, loss, bereavement, family breakdowns, challenging behaviours, anger issues and/or heightened aggression.

I help young people in gaining the ability to recognise their emotions and implement self-regulation strategies. Overall improving their understanding of themselves and enabling them to thrive and succeed.

I support parents and families and I co-operate with schools and have vast experience in the education system.